Hello, my name is R.R. Perkins.

I’ve been an acoustic sound engineer for almost two decades. From producing various artist through the years to mapping immersive environments to experimenting with various virtual audio software tools, my interest in aural communications stemmed from an early age; learning every recording medium I could get my hands on since my first multitrack cassette. This passion almost led me to pursue a career in auditory neuroscience; however, I soon discovered that academia wasn’t for me, and pursued other interests in the interim.

It is my hope that through this blog you can gain some valuable insight(s) into the potentials of spatial audio within emerging immersive AR/VR technologies and enjoy some of the content.

Side note: In addition to professional work, i’m also an award-winning multi-instrumentalist & composer whose music has been broadcasted nationwide via NPR, WHYY, and multiple podcasts as well as featured internationally on Canada's Innerspeaker Magazine, UK's The Monitors, & Berlin's LSD Magazine. You can view my work here if interested. Thanks!